In hindsight, I probably should have called the fire department at one point.

Here is my mini mid-week update!!! I stumbled back into the kitchen and tried to cook again!

I would like to first start out by saying that it was a very rocky road. I almost went blind. I almost burnt down my apartment. I wasted many a produce. I cried (involuntarily) at one point. It was a journey of somewhat-epic proportions.

But here are some things I learned (some things could be considered common sense, but alas, I figured out the hard way):
Oranges don’t smell so good when they are on the brink of combustion.
Chocolate that has expired three years ago doesn’t melt properly
Putting scorching hot liquid in a plastic container will slightly warp it.
Leaving scorching hot liquid in a plastic container will ruin it.
Not checking in on boiling substances with lots of sugar will always lead to mishap.
When there is a lot of “steam” by the oven, it’s probably smoke.
Putting your eyes in smoke can cause eye irritation (and involuntary tears).
And finally…
Ribbons make everything look better.

So here’s the deal-io:

I have some oranges. Well, not some….a crap ton of oranges. Mainly because I want to cook with them. So there isn’t some weird coincidence here…I bought them because I wanted to make some stuff. But starting out the story like that makes it seem a little cooler.
I initially just wanted to make candied orange peels. But this story actually goes back awhile. In short: I made them a long time ago and they turned out horrific. I am aiming to correct past confectionery mistakes now. The end.
Back to present day.
I go and start making the tasty dessert and leave my concoction boiling on the stove. I check back every five minutes with no apparent texture change (despite the heavy amounts of sugar that could make a marathon runner go diabetic). Then, I leave my stove for 10 very quick minutes and **BAM**, all hell breaks loose. The pot is slowly churning pregnant looking purple bubbles that are spurting out slivers of charred orange zest. From far away, it simply looked like a lot of steam was coming from the oven area. WRONG.


[Note Bene: Please let me remind you…I have no real cooking experience. So what may seem like common sense for most, I am probably lacking in the kitchen area. My boyfriend cooks while I always clean everything, so it’s not like I sit on the couch 24/7.]

At this point, it is obvious that this back of orange peels (that took about an hour to cut…) is beyond repair. And if I had left the oven unattended to read one more article, I would probably be homeless right now.

Day two begins with a slightly better start. As I make a second batch of strawberry jam I try again at making candied orange peels. All is well:
Cut oranges without cutting myself. Check.
Blanch oranges and bring syrup to boil. Check.
Dip in sugar, blah blah blah… Check!
Things are looking up! Until they don’t.

this is what happens when melting chocolar goes a rye

See, I wanted to have half of my batch dipped in chocolate. Apparently, I can’t handle melting chocolate. I guess this is a really complicated process. Here’s what went down:
I tried to melt 100% cacao and add sugar. I ended up with a weird mess that looked like dog feces.
I tried to melt Hershey’s bars, but they expired in 2008. I found this out after I tried melting them. Tried being the key word.
Then, I finally ventured out into the real world (aka Target) and got a bar of Lindt chocolate. Bingo. This stuff melted like the Tupperwarecontainer with hot syrup leftover from the orange peels!

Finally! Now that

finished product of chocolate-dipped candied orange peels! Hurrah!

After all of this, I had two huge mixing bowls full of oranges. So I made marmalade! I actually have never had marmalade, so I will have no idea if it came out right. But it looks like all the pictures on the interwebs. All is well that ends well!

My brand name: Cellar Door Confectionaries. I shall soon compete with Harry & David.

Bon appétit!

french toast with orange zest syrupssss

french toast with chocolate&sea salt sauce

Her Morning Elegance.The Opposite Side of the Sea.Oren Lavie
I Saw the Light.Transference.Spoon
Island In The Sun.The Green Album.Weezer
Jager Yoga.Donkey.CSS
Kiss With A Fist.Lungs.Florence + The Machine
L.E.S. Artists.Palm Out Sounds.Santogold
Lake Michigan.Asleep At Heaven’s Gate.Rogue Wave
Lasso.Wolfgang Amadaeus Phoenix.Phoenix
Lay Down Your Weapons.Underhanded Romance.Scissors for Lefty
Logos.Dynamo.Faded Paper Figures
Mad Word.Donnie Darko Sountrack.Roland Orzabal
Modern Nature.Faces Down.Sonre Lerche
Mr. Pitiful.Unfamiliar Faces.Matt Costa
My Moon My Man.The Reminder.Feist
New Love.Voxtrot.Voxtrot



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Beer. It’s what’s for dinner.

When I first turned 21, I was all about the mixed drinks. Perhaps I simply liked the color, because I know I never really liked the taste. Or maybe it

our brewing kettle and the heat exchanger which makes the beer cold for the fermenting container

was the fruit shishkababobs, or probably the pretty little umbrellas. In any case, I was initially not a fan of beer. However, years later, I have found

We placed the barley and wheat flakes in 2 large sachets

myself ditching the pretty little martini glasses and instead grabbing ice cold brewskies at social gatherings.

Since I have found myself wanting to make my lifestyle a little more “DIY”, I figured a perfect project would be brewing my own beer. I actually


went with a small group to a brewery to celebrate a close friend’s birthday. The experience was actually pretty interesting and the only downside to brewing your own beer is the fermenting wait time. For our batch of beer, we have to wait three weeks. But this is worth the wait, as we will have 12.4 gallons of creamy beige Belgian White beer when this is all said and done. With customized labels… Which we still have to work on… Same goes for our beer name…

We started out by measuring the various types of grains: wheat malt, wheat flakes (aka rolled oats), and pilsner malt. We also measured out Brewer’s Gold, which is simply sugar made from barley. This stuff is delicious by itself, so we took some home for French toast. Mmmmm.

We also added yeast (duh.), honey, coriander, and orange peel. And hops. Lots and lots of hops.

sachets in the brewing kettle

Hopefully this beer turns out to be at least half as good as Blue Moon…but only time will tell.

Music: My Dub Step station on Pandora. Best driving music evarrr. But I can’t listen to it too much or else I will get a headache. Meh.

Apps: Pulse (free from iTunes store)
Best news source app on my phone. I actually deleted all my other news apps since Pulse fits all my needs. Not only do I get a feed from legitimate reporting sources (such as BBC News and AP), but I also get my daily dose of LOLcats, Fail Blog, and someecards! Lovely.

Art: [Make Your Franklin]

This community-based art project is based in France and invites artists from all over the world to recreate a globally-recognized symbol: the $100 bill. The founders of the project hope to illuminate a “cultural reflection” within the project. The link above presents the projects’ accumulation of entries. I thought this was an interesting art idea and just wanted to share :]

Books: The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court | Jeffrey Toobin (Used ~$6.00

This book has been on my bookshelf for a while, and I have finally started to routinely place it in my purse to read during my lunch breaks at work. Toobin is a senior legal analyst for CNN as well as a staff writer for the New Yorker. By way of his vast research and reporting experience, Toobin creates a truly intriguing account of an elite group within our government’s framework. Although I have just cracked the book open, reading only the first couple of segments, I feel that The Nine offers a never-before-seen perspective of the US Supreme Court Justices. Which leads me to the last thing “I dig” this week…

"Play like the tenth justice!"

WWW: FantasySCOTUS | The Premier Supreme Court Fantasy League (

I find this concept slightly hilarious, but at the same time, ingenious. This website, founded by The Harlan Institute, allows users from anywhere in the world (but presumably from the US) predict the rulings of the cases that are currently before the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS, for those who didn’t catch it the first time). Just last year alone, the website states that over 5,000 people participated in FantasySCOTUS leagues. I decided to sign up for a league, unknowing exactly how complicated the game would be. It turns out there are about 43 cases that are currently before the court. If I choose to predict one case, I must predict how each justice will rule on the case. So, ultimately, not only must I research the current case (including precedent cases, laws, and statutes), I must also research each justice’s personality in order to predict the outcome…for one single case.

Well…I will probably not do all 43 cases. I am thinking researching one will be a feat in itself. In any case, this is a great project, and is probably very useful in any legal classroom (or for geeks like me trying to learn the law on their own time!)


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I hope I don’t think of a Porsche 911 on my deathbed… | Bucket List Ramblings

I have no idea why I only like Porsches, but I am pretty sure I won't be thinking about this when I am 85.

I decided to make a Bucket List

[This was very hard to draft because for the first time ever, I was thinking about my what I wanted out of life besides going to law school (and I don’t even really know what I want to do with my JD). Then when I started to think outside of my career goals, I felt stuck. I must simply have simple life ambitions. I tried to make my list as non-materialistic as possible, because I feel that “owning a dream car (black 1981 Porsche 911 SC)” is irrelevant in the long run; focusing on the path that enabled you to purchase that car is what I want to focus on.]

Working for PBS would be kinda cool

-Work for a non-profit
-If I retire early, start a philanthropic organization for special needs children
-Own a house before I am thirty
-Don’t get pressured into having kids if I don’t want them later on (and don’t have them after 32)
-If I do have kids, make sure that they are not bullies and are nice to everyone
-Don’t overindulge: if I don’t have kids, I DON’T need a 4 bedroom house…live within my means and needs

I think Westies would be perfect companions to my Scottie Mix, Atticus

I want to go to law school...and then open a coffee shop.

-At one point in life, I hope to be my own boss
-I hope to start a coffee/juice/tea shop as a pet project
-I hope to eventually be able to grow my nails like a real adult instead of biting them all the time (and learn how to paint them without messing them up when the paint is still wet)
-I want several dogs, and a large backyard for them to play all day
-I want to visit enough countries to not regret anything on my deathbed: England, Paris, Ireland, Scotland
-Teach at a community college (and be that inspiring professor that students still keep in contact with after graduating)

After I jotted this list down, I decided to make a list of careers I would not mind committing to that give me the best chance of optimizing the above listed goals. I honestly wouldn’t mind working two part-time jobs for the rest of my life, especially if it was a combination of any of the below careers. Well…scratch that. I really don’t have any ambitions doing options 3 or 4. Unless it was a part-time position that was not demanding (super local). I don’t think I could take the pressure of campaigning and then securing my post for the entirety of my whole term. I majored in political science in college, and needless to say, I don’t think I have the energy to be in any type of elected position. In theory, the idea has its good intentions—however, I don’t think I will get to focus on any of my passions in an elected office due to simple politics. If I really did want to make headway on any political level, I think I would have a better shot at doing so by working for or starting up my own non-profit organization. Anyway, here is my small list of back up plans (Plan B to a Plan A that I haven’t even decided on, ugh):

10 things to do with a Juris Doctor outside of a courtroom
1 teach
2 consult
3 lobby
4 run for office/ appointment
5 human resources director/manager
6 start up a non-profit
7 public policy advisor
8 Public Relations
9 Editor
10 marketing director

Music Mix Volume 1: A through H
Astair.Songs We Sing.Matt Costa
Australia.Wincing the Night Away.The Shins
B Film.Dynamo.Faded Paper Figures
A Beautiful Mess.We Sing We Dance We Steal Things.Jason Mraz
Black Tambourine.Guero.Beck
Blood and Peanut Butter.Blood and Peanut Butter (Single).BC Camplight
Mrs. Robinson.It’s a Shame About Ray.Lemonheads
Can’t Stop.By the Way.Red Hot Chili Peppers
Crooked Teeth.Plans.Death Cab For Cutie
A Diamond and a Tether.The Open Door.Death Cab For Cutie
Fell in Love with a Girl.White Blood Cells.The White Stripes
First Day of My Life.I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning.Bright Eyes
French Navy.Camera Obscura.My Maudlin Career
The Funeral.Everything All the Time.Band of Horses
Giving up the Gun.Contra.Vampire Weekend
God Put a Smile Upon Your Face.A Rush of Cold Blood to the Head.Coldplay
Good Morning (The Future).Permalight.Rogue Wave
Hang Me Up to Dry.Robbers & Cowards.Cold War Kids


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Ruh-Roh, Cooking Time!

Well, I guess not all of us survived the rapture...

I usually don’t cook, mainly because I hate cleaning after myself. Also, because I think I may have a fear of cooking meat (even though I am a huge meat lover–from tri tip steak to apple and bleu cheese stuffed chicken breast).  Regardless, the vanilla rampage I had this afternoon was a huge personal feat.

This past weekend was a cause for celebration. Aside from having many friends graduating from college, I also survived the “rapture”! By the end of the weekend, I had a lot of empty bottles hanging around my apartment. I also happen to have tons and tons of vanilla beans in my kitchen. The only logical  and obvious thing to do is to try and make vanilla bean extract.

Sooooo, here is how I did it:

Madagascar Vanilla

[one]Cut vanilla beans and scrape out the seeds (also called caviar, nahhhmz)
[two]Cut the beans into small pieces
[three]Find an empty wine bottle and place alllll that vanilla in it
[four]Fill bottle with 70-80 proof vodka (or rum)
[five]Store for six months, shaking the bottle on a weekly basis

I’m glad I made this in May because come six months from now, it will be perfect baking season :]

Even after I made the extract, I still had some vanilla left over so I made strawberry vanilla bean jam. Here is how the magic happened:

[one]Cut and hulled 2 pounds of strawberries
[two]Stir in vanilla beans and 1 cup of sugar in large mixing bowl
[three]Transfer to cooking pot and cook on medium/low for about 40 minutes
[four]Mash up strawberries even more
[five]Transfer into jars and let cool
[six]Nom it up. Alice and Wonderland style.

99 Luftballons

Ohhh Sugar, Sugar......

Okay, since I still had extra vanilla after that escapade, I went ahead and made some jars of vanilla sugar by simply placing a few cut up vanilla beans at the bottom of jars filled with sugar. Storing the jars for a minimum of one week should ensure vanilla flavor to seep through all of the sugar.

In other news…no news. Yeah…still waiting…story of my life. Boo lawl skool.

"the macrocosm is the microcosm; all is one" actual quote from my beer comic book...

Drink: Yeast Hoist
I bought this at BevMo over the weekend, not expecting anything good. I only wanted the earthenware crock to bring my tea to work… But, I was pleasantly surprised with this beer. A very saturated “yeast-y” ale, hauntingly similar to Hoegarden, and a good compliment to any monotonous evening. It should also be noted that this beer comes with a comic book (yay!) and the illustrations on the crock and within the book are reminiscent of Muppets.

MORF ($.99, iTunes store)
I found this app randomly one day and thought it was pretty interesting. As it tries to establish a “MaGyver” label for itself, MORF presents its users with various uses for common household products and remedies for life’s common problems. For instance, if you happen to run out of shaving cream one day, MORF would advise you to simply use some butter to makes ends meet. I also learned that beer can be used as a stain remover. Huh.


"We don't read and write poetry because it's cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion."

Dead Poets Society
I just watched this recently with a wine glass of Yeast Hoist, because I only watch movies with the utmost class. I am a huge fan of Robin Williams’ earlier works, so watching this for the first time was quite refreshing.

Planet Earth
I am also working through this series right now. My favorite parts are actually the behind-the-scenes sections. This is probably because I am always wondering how the camera crew is capturing everything without becoming noticed by any of the wildlife. The entire series is super humbling, as it forced you to think about everything else that goes on outside of your own life. Oh, and it makes me grateful to know that I won’t find the same life-ending fate as the ant in the video below…


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“Hello, World!” | Google had better watch out, I’m stepping up my game…

This week I got super sick…although part of me just wants to believe I simply have really bad allergies right now. Regardless, I stayed home from work to sleep [and work my new tower computer].

...and he shall be named...Compy.

So this week I decided that I would try my hand at Linux, Java, and C++. I realized after posting that goal last week, it was a huge and daunting task…and I obviously won’t accomplish anything extremely impressive in a couple of days. However, this is what I have taught myself so far:

I caved and bought distro DVDs rather than spending days downloading them for free

LINUX: I am assuming that the majority of my readers have no experience with Linux so I will spare you the painstaking details of what I had to endure for the past two days…here is a 30-second summary:

Knoppix: it's basically just eye-candy to me

After many long hours and several re-installations I finally made my tower compy hold three different Linux operating systems with a nice little boot-up menu to allow me to choose which one I want to boot into. I installed:
openSUSE (looks pretty…but buggy IMHO, could just be me though), Knoppix, and Linux Mint.

Similar to Knoppix...but I really can't tell the big diff yet.

I think it’s cool that these systems have a software manager that acts like the Cydia of iTunes…except the software is open source, so it’s actually meant to be free. Hmmmm. Plus, I have the option of running Windows software in a Linux environment (because I love me some OneNote) through a program called Wine. I have also been messing around with bash commands…but that stuff is boring to write about. Moving on!

JAVA & C++: Since I am trying to learn Linux, I might as well use my tower compy for other stuff too…like learning how to program. I downloaded a free compiler program which allows a user to write and debug programs in various languages (NetBeans by Sun). Since it has only been a couple of days, I have only dipped my feet in the water. .. and got frustrated with Linux a little bit so just compiled/debugged my wimpy programs on my Lappy.

So, I know it’s not like I created WoW or Facebook…but still…you’re not born knowing this stuff:

“My First C++ Program”Screenshot

debugged! it's executable and all over the place! (100 points to you can actually read the screenshot AND if you got the War Games reference)

“My First Java Program” screenshot

Meh...I need to learn more to impress Google, I know.

P.S….I refer to my computers with names that are reminiscent of certain computers from Homestarrunner….wuddup.

"Shall we play a game?"

Apps: Hisptamatic (Limited time $1.99 in iTunes)

Apps like these are going to be the end of digital cameras, I swear. Some of the pictures above were actually taken using this app. Basically, you can choose from various filters and films to create vintage-looking photos. Amazing how despite all the technology we have today, this stuff is super trendy (I’m looking at you, Urban Outfitters!). Oh well, I’m a sucker for it too… :]

liquid band-aid for the soul

Food & Drink: Genmai Tea
A nutty blend of green tea and brown rice, roasted to a delectable perfection. I feel my lifespan lengthening with every cup I drink.

Books: Getting to Maybe (Fischl and Paul, ~$25
A must-have book for nervous 0Ls like myself. This was a pretty fast read and I will probably try to read some sections again once I am actually in law school. This book is overflowing with tips and “secrets” on how to analyze course material in an efficient manner that will help you tackle any law exam hypo. Hopefully. I can’t attest to anything yet, obviously. But I do feel more prepared for my 1L course load now, if that counts for anything.

Music: Toothpaste Kisses by The Maccabees

In the meantime, I will be scouring my brain for more activities to blog about. I do have a couple in mind though…

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Painting with all the colors of the wind…or pollen

I am honestly quite impressed with the amount of views my first post received. I was expecting a total count of 5 visits, and I received a number well into the triple digits, much like the weather lately (or at least it feels like such). So…thanks for reading! :]

Anyway, my first venture out of boredom I suppose will be in the realm of art (mainly because I want to stay in my cave of an apartment to hide from the yellow dementors outside that I call allergies). I always appreciated art and all of its various forms, but never took the time to hone my own skills to see if I could unleash a secret Picasso or Bob Ross from within. I chose watercolor as my first medium, kind of as a joke. I always associated the medium with grade school and figured mastering it would be a piece of cake. Yeah…I was wrong. I struggled with basic color mixing. I found myself referring to the color wheel… a lot.

My first pieces were pathetic, although I should have kept them to show the improvement. When I initially showed them to my boyfriend, I got a blank stare followed with a bellowing laugh. What a blow to my artistic spirit!

While my pieces are still nothing to contemplate about (“Oh, look at the passion in the blending of colors– I totally dig what the artist is trying to convey here! Disdain towards the capitalist empire that is Wall Street. Hmm.”), I am slightly impressed with my ability to go from second grade drawings of stick figures to semi-serious art pieces.

My first attempt at watercolor

<—Well, here is my first piece…ever. I think it was the next few paintings that were of the laughable grade.

Primitive color blending. Obviously not my strong suit...yet.

Painting with black is harder than it seems, and I was surprised about how meticulous you must be to get the same shade of black consistently throughout the piece. I think I get too much into painting that by the time I move back enough to see the piece as a whole it looks weird, like that main tree. It’s just standing there super awkwardly not knowing what to do.

Product of a YouTube watercolor lesson

So I was kind of impressed with this one because I painted each tree using two colors. I would paint the base color and then drip the second color on top of it and allow it to bleed through at various saturation levels. I am also impressed with the simple fact that I was able to paint tree-like shapes. Thanks, YouTube watercolor lesson guy (Frank M. Costantino)! Here is a link to the lesson I watched: Watercolor Lessons – Tree Techniques 1

Un-realistic Golden Gate Bridge

Here is my last watercolor piece for the time being. It’s this bridge in SF, you might recognize it…especially if you were a fan of Full House. I have a couple more pieces that I posted up on my Art & Doodles page.

On a separate note…It’s Friday! I think of Fridays as my last light of hope for the week, as admissions offices are closed on weekends…which sucks because then they can’t call me to let me into their incoming class. Here’s hoping to any news coming to me today! Not entirely optimistic, as the school I am applying to is supposedly not going to look at their waitlist until early June. However, at this point, I just want to know if the answer is a yes or no so I can know if I need to start preparing to re-take the LSAT. I mentally and physically cannot get myself to start studying for that test again unless I know for certain that I will need to retake it again. That is the worst test in the world (but don’t tell that to a pre-med student studying for the MCAT).

Admissions for law schools these days are rough and tough. It makes me so frustrated that if I applied to my schools last application cycle, I would have been accepted (probably with money too!). I blame the law school rankings. I hate those things…with a passion. Without those rankings schools would take a real holistic approach to an applicant rather than focusing on their incoming class GPA and LSAT score medians.

It should be noted that I am not complaining as to the legitimacy or the purpose of requiring the LSAT for admission–I completely understand the logic behind it. However, these rankings are making many regional or “lower-ranked” schools look like the equivalent of the University of Phoenix by spamming and harassing high scoring applicants to apply to their school for the simple reason of raising their LSAT median. I mean, I highly doubt that an applicant with a 3.7+ GPA and a 165+ LSAT score will truly consider attending Tier 2 schools (regardless of scholarships and stipulations) when they could easily be accepted into a truly prestigious law school such as Baylor, Cal, Michigan, Northeastern etc…. But that’s me just being a bitter waitlisted applicant due to a subpar LSAT score. This is probably why I don’t post on Top Law Schools because I would get ripped to shreds.

Movies: Donnie Darko(2001)

I don’t know why I keep thinking about this movie. I just watched it for the first time this year (late to the party, I know) and fell in love with it. Perhaps this is because Mad World by Gary Jules keeps on playing on my Pandora playlist? Super creepy but super good song….

Music: Florence + The Machine: Lungs

I have actually been obsessed with her for a while. The only thing I don’t understand is how Adele gets radio time but Flo doesn’t. They sound eerily similar, but I personally believe that Flo has more radio-worthy songs.

Food: Starbucks Coconut Mocha

Once upon a time I worked at Starbucks for a few seconds. I loved it, but the pay sucked. I also got sick of their coffee while working there. Now, years later, I am finally crawling back to them in times of desperation (i.e. when I am running late for work and can’t make my own hipster French press coffee). I actually stopped by one for the first time in a long time a couple of days ago and saw an ad promoting their new coconut mocha frap. Well, I can’t drink cold stuff in the morning and asked for the coconut syrup in a hot mocha. Let me tell you…when I tasted it…I wanted to break out in song! I am not a big fan of coconut, but it was magical. They even put roasted coconut shavings on top…delish!

Apps: JamKit by Qanvis (for iPhone) Cost: Nada! ($.99 for Pro Gear Pack Upgrade)

One of my close friends actually made this app, and let me tell you, it’s pretty impressive. Reminiscent of Tap Tap Revenge (or Guitar Hero for those who haven’t played TTR), it combines elements of Simon and drumming with the option of making your own jams as well. I highly recommend the app if you have some time to kill in the doctor’s office or between classes. I hear it has become pretty popular in Japan, so it’s not just me who likes it!

*My JamKit friend has actually inspired me to get back in touch with the tech geek within myself. I shall delve into this more next week as I explore Java….C++…and Linux?


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So I got this thing right here…it’s called a blog.

Well, here is my first post.

I have been contemplating creating a blog for a while now, but never thought I had legitimate or entertaining material to discuss…I still may not have anything remotely awesome to talk about, but here is my attempt anyway.

Arguably the best soundtrack ever.

I am a recent college graduate (yay?) with some spare time between now and my eventual admission into law school. That could be this August…or next year…depending on how merciful the admissions committee is at my “dream school”. I really do feel like I am in a waiting line (heh…the blog title makes a little more sense now?).  I think I may need to adopt Zero 7’s “In the Waiting Line” as my theme song for this stage in life. And perhaps the rest of the Garden State soundtrack as well.

My busy life, how I miss you so.

In the meantime, I have been struggling to keep myself sane with the amount of free time I have in my schedule. As an undergraduate, my schedule percolated with the essence of self-worth and activities from all aspects of life: full load of classes, leadership positions, multiple jobs, internships… To me, happiness is a full Gmail calendar.

Home of the most pretentious law school applicants

Since graduation I found myself unable to cope with the vast amounts of free time in my schedule. Ultimately, I focused my attention on law school admissions by aggressively and obsessively checking my admissions status and various law school admissions forums. I could easily find myself spending hours hitting the refresh page on discussion threads to

Some days I wish this was never invented.

monitor the updates of other law school applicants and their admissions into various schools. I would even need to take a nap after eating a bowl of Lucky Charms. I will spare my blog audience (if such a group even exists) of the boring details. It was a low point for me…

However, perhaps due to the increase in temperature and sunny weather I have found myself inspired…by everything. I want to paint. I want to learn a new language. I want to read analysis of the philosophical importance of the name choices of the characters from Lost. Ultimately, I want to be like Penelope from The Brothers Bloom, minus the allergy to needles. Or I could be the female version of that Dos Equis guy: the most interesting woman in the world.

In Summary:

I am bored of being bored! While I am waiting for admission into law school I will attempt to try something new every week (activity, hobby, event, etc…).


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